I asked myself a question.

24 Feb

In the UK, is it possible to eat three meals a day but spend no more than one pound per person per day?

I have been pondering this question for a while now. Financially, there’s no reason for me to be quite that frugal. But while I started out thinking that I’d probably just eat pasta all the time and endanger my health, the more thought I gave to the idea, the more I had the impression that not only should it be possible to spend no more than a pound per day on food, it should be possible to stay healthy and come up with quite a varied menu as well.

It will require some creative thinking to pull this off; or perhaps we just need to re-discover what generations before us already knew. It seems to me that by giving this a try, there are benefits to be reaped far beyond just the money saved.

My plan is to put myself through a month-long experiment where I’ll spend no more than one pound per day on food and drink, starting from scratch. It will still take a little bit of planning so check back soon. For more details on this idea, why not visit The ‘about’ page? In the meantime, it would be great to hear what you think about this plan – what would you buy to eat on your first day?


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