Meals – Day 02: Company breakfast helps out

2 Mar
Today was going to be an easy day – company breakfast day. As per Ciaran’s suggestion, I was planning to drop by at the True Food Coop at the end of the day. Now, by the rules I set myself, driving to the other side of town to save yourself money is cheating, as you’d spend more on fuel than you’d save on food. Therefore, I had arranged a carpool ride to work this time, to save some miles at the start of the day. Although I arrived slightly later than planned, fortunately breakfast was still there. And what a lavish breakfast it was.Company Breakfast

The intention of the company breakfast is to allow people from different departments to mingle with each other, so mingle I did and the breakfast was well-earned. I made sure to help myself to plenty of fruit. Although normally Friday is a vegetarian day for me, I couldn’t afford to get any meat on Day 1, so I swapped those days around. I’m sure I’ll still have plenty of opportunity to eat vegetarian food in the near future. I enjoyed an extra serving of fruit, had my coffee, brought an apple and a one-portion tub of marmelade, and got to work well-fed.

A colleague then asked if I wasn’t interested in his bacon roll- he had changed his mind about eating it. I mentioned I’d had enough to eat, to which he suggested I could have it for lunch. I accepted the roll, even though I had brought lunch from home. I stored it in the fridge, figuring I’d be able to incorporate it in dinner somehow.

This time, lunch was of course my little pack of curry noodles, upgraded with some grated ginger and about half the carrot I had bought. Nothing fancy, but not bad. The ginger definitely lifted the flavour a bit- not a bad thing, since I had been planning to use the second half of the seasoning baggie for dinner.

Top Tip
If you buy packaged items that contain multiple use items, such as noodles and a sachet of seasoning, you can stretch their use by finding different purposes for each of them.

As home time arrived, I packed my bag with the leftover carrot, ginger and seasoning, the apple, marmelade and bacon roll. I knew it was going to be an easy day, but this felt almost unfair – even though I stayed within the rules of the challenge.

Once back, I prepared supper, using all my leftover vegetables (onion, carrot and passata). I slowly sauteed the onions with half of the bacon until wonderfully fragrant, then proceeded to mix that with a bit of mash powder. While toasting the two sides of the roll, I gave another heat treatment to the (very small-chopped) carrot, then added the tomato, left it simmer for a bit and added some mixed herbs and the second half of the noodle seasoning. I then shaped the onion-and-bacon mash into a patty and served it with the sauce and the toasted bun.
Day 2, Supper
Although supper contained mostly the same ingredients as yesterday’s meal, it certainly was a lot more palatable, not in the last place due to having some lard available. I wondered about dessert. Apple crumble? I did, after all, have apple, rice flour and lard. I decided not do to that yet. I was planning to get some wheat flour, so I might be able to do better next time. Also, I figured that when I’d use half an apple for dessert only, I’d have the choice again later on. Then I remembered the yogurt. I diced half the apple and enjoyed it with blackberry yogurt.
Dessert, day 02
Not a bad day, either nutritionally or flavour-wise. Of course without company breakfast it would have been a bigger challenge. I’d probably have shopped differently then.

With only half an apple left, it was time to stock up again. But first I’d head to the True Food Coop, unsure what to expect.


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