Groceries – Day 05: Mash, leek and some protein

5 Mar
Budget carried over from previous days: 25p
Content of pantry before shopping: 

- Perishable:

   4 clementines
   2 tomatoes
   4 chilies
   2 small bottles school milk (frozen)

- Non-perishable:

   Most of 750 grams of salt
   Rice + 100 grams of rice ground into rice flour
   leftover (10 grams) mash
   mixed herbs
   lemon thyme
Total budget available for day 5: £ 1.25
Budget used: £ 0.98 + £ 0.13 = £ 1.11
Budget left: £ 0.14
Budget available for day 6: £ 1.14

A fairly straightforward shopping trip. this time I got a leek, liver,
some mash and a discounted pot of spicy chicken pasta.
Groceries for Monday, day 5
I was basically planning to get my monday five-a-days with 4 clementines, 2 tomatoes
and a leek – though I might yet have to spend that 14p on a can of mushy peas or
a piece of fruit later to get to the full five.

Sunday afternoon, by the way, isn’t the best time to hunt for bargains.
Far more people are hunting for them at that time than at night. Even so, coming back
to the discounted items I did get manage to get a nice pot of pasta and chicken for cheap.

Otherwise, a true pandemonium there. A lot of elderly people. And a lady loading up her shopping cart with literally all the discounted items she could get her hands on. I wonder if that’s the same lady that I heard about, which would then proceed to filter out what she wanted and what she didn’t want – I didn’t bother staying long enough for that.
If you’re strapped for cash, the fine line between “right” and “wrong” seems to get a bit more blurry. That doesn’t make it any less rude, though.


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