Meals – Day 05, back to work

5 Mar

Getting back to work today basically meant two things. Less time, more free food. I skipped coffee altogether today and am currently feeling pretty good, although in the beginning of the day I was quite irritable.

Breakfast was uninspired – there wasn’t anything much available, so I just went for a rice porridge and a clementine. I used half a bottle of school milk for the porridge to help the flavour. In fact I still tried flavouring it with some fennel and mint herbal tea, but it just kept being a pretty boring breakfast. Perhaps I’ll have more luck with that tomorrow.

Day 05 Breakfast: "fennel/mint" Rice porridge

Apart from me nearly strangling a co-worker, the morning passed without any major incidents. I had brought in a tomato and a discounted pot of chicken pasta for lunch, so there wasn’t much that needed doing on that. It was tasty, it was cheap (10p+6p tomato) and it was filling. I had the rest of my citrus fruits during the afternoon.

Day 05 Lunch: Spicy chicken pasta

After lunch, someone showed up with chocolate cake. I gladly had a good helping of it (although maybe not quite as much as this temporary picture below). A thoughtful colleague had brought me some ketchup, too, which will gratefully go into my pantry (it wouldn’t have worked with the chocolate cake anyway).

Day 05 - Chocolate cake

Supper today was downright decent. After browsing for recipes starring leek and liver, I set out to make a braised liver with blanched leek mash, very loosely based on a recipe that once appeared on BBC – but without pepper, substituting wine with vinegar, and whatever tweaks I needed to get as close as I could. After a sizzling start, I cooked the liver rather gently; although I do enjoy liver and the flavour it has, I’m not too crazy about it when it has become completely bone-dry. It worked a treat and it resulted in a tasty dish, although probably it was the priciest dish so far weighing in at nearly 50p.

Day 5 supper - Braised liver and leek mash

Well, it’s 9pm – off to the supermarket again, show you my groceries and then off to bed. Not many breaks for yours truly lately!


2 Responses to “Meals – Day 05, back to work”

  1. sarah March 5, 2012 at 10:57 pm #

    Well done again!!! The supper looks great! Yummmmy 🙂

    Did you know that veg. oil is slightly cheaper (ASDA) than the lard you bought 3 days ago (per unit of weight). If you can save £1.52 then you can buy 1 litre of veg. oil. (Lard – 1.56 per kg). 1 litre of oil should be enough for the remaining days? Plus, it is great for salads (oil+a bit of vinegar) as well as for cooking. It is a shame you had to buy so much of salt, you only need about 200g for the whole month (about 25% of 750g).

    And.. thank you for sharing your thoughts here. Very interesting and useful.

    • kleinebre March 5, 2012 at 11:57 pm #

      It would be a Big Investment, but probably worth it – vegetable oil is lower in saturated fats than lard, which health-wise probably is the worst choice you can make in fats. It’s versatile though, having both a solid, buttery state and a high smoke point thing. Pity that what is sold as vegetable oil (linseed?) isn’t very suitable for frying as it has a relatively low smoke point compared to sunflower oil (normally my oil of choice).

      Getting by on 50p of groceries for a few days should get me pretty close to some interesting possibilities for the pantry. I wonder if I can? I’m starting to be pretty well stocked by now.

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