Meals – Day 09: Roast veg, a 4p rip-off and dandelions

9 Mar

Friday! Which means, in my case, the weekly company breakfast. I figured I wouldn’t bring lunch and see how I’d get on.

Well, breakfast definitely wasn’t the problem.

Day 9, Company breakfast

A Danish roll that would make many a Dane green with envy, mixed berries, slices of orange, a bacon roll and an apple. That definitely took care of that. I saved the apple for later.

Funny how my mind has started analyzing these things. By the sheer looks of it, in any random coffee shop, I’d probably be willing to pay about £ 7 pounds for a breakfast like this. But my one-pound-per-day mindset looks at it in a whole different way. What it sees is about 100 grams puff pastry, bit of icing, a heaped teaspoon of apricot jam, 30 grams of mixed berries, a quarter of an orange, an apple, an estimated 40 grams of bacon and a soft bread roll. If done in some quantity, the total actual cost in ingredients per breakfast would (just guessing!) be about £ 1.20 or so. Conveniently I’m not counting kitchen time. The thing is, all things considered, it *is* a very interesting-looking breakfast. Much more interesting-looking than say, a bowl of oats. Makes me wonder if it’s a realistic goal to aim for this month.

As I hadn’t arranged for lunch, I actually had to go out to shop during lunch time. Not a problem, as I only spent 68p of my available budget yesterday (which, if I recall correctly, was £1.11). I certainly could afford to get an 11p pack of noodles if I walked to the Sainsbury’s near my office. I also thought it was time for an interesting upgrade, but hadn’t quite figured out what it would be.

Well, I must say, I was sorely disappointed. Do you see what I mean?

Day 09 - receipt 2

15p for the exact same product that would cost me 11p at my local supermarket. That’s 36% more expensive.

What. A. Rip-off. And they still have the audacity to print that slogan on the receipt.

Well, they had me for 4p.

When I went to pay for the items, I noticed that just after the check-out there were various crates stacked up pretty high. They were clearly labeled “fresh damages”, “fruits damages” etc. While the client before me was still packing her bags, I quickly checked – the most notable thing in there was a carton with 15 eggs, a few of them cracked.

Once it was my turn, I asked the cashier what was going to happen to those crates. “Oh, they’re just gonna chuck them out”. I enquired if it would be a problem then, if I’d bring some of the stuff, but alas, she wasn’t allowed to permit that. So there, I embarrassed myself. It’s still amazing though, how much perfectly fine ingredients are just being thrown out because nobody can be bothered to sort things out. There were at least a dozen eggs there that anybody but Matt the Vegan would have been happy to eat, if only somebody would have cared enough to put them in a clean box.

So I headed back, no bad feelings. Except that eggs are hard to afford on a one-pound budget. Wouldn’t mind if they were sold per unit.

On my way back, I collected my noodle upgrade for the day. Guess what!

Instant noodles with sage-and-onion stuffing and dandelion

After mixing it up, it wasn’t even too horrible. Dandelion is a bit bitter, and it wouldn’t normally be my vegetable of choice. But at least it’s not stringy, nor does it have an extremely bad off-putting taste. And I suppose this also answers the question that’s been burning in your minds – not the question “to forage or not” but “is this guy crazy enough to eat dandelion”. So there you have it.

For supper, I wanted something a bit more substantial, but I hadn’t quite decided what yet, so I dropped by at the True Food Coop first to catch up with Chris, the chap that a week ago provided me with the Chai black tea which was vital to overcome my caffeine crisis on Saturday. We discussed different life styles and their ethics, which is why he does the whole organic thing in the first place. I’m not sure if I’d be able to lead his kind of solar-powered life, but he definitely has some things in life figured out. Clever chap, he is. The blemished blood orange that I brought back was probably the least I took away from there.

Then, on my way out, the most amazing curry smell. I miss my spices.

It was past 8pm by then so it was that time again – time to bargain-hunt at my local supermarket. Just because it was before dinner, though, that doesn’t mean I could use anything I’d buy to cook with just yet. Those ingredients are intended for tomorrow, after all.

Supper actually came together quite naturally. It was going to be mixed veg. I was going to need to use the last bit of milk. I had potato. Onion. Garlic. Rosemary. Mixed herbs. And I knew just what to do with them.

Day 09 - Roast potato wedges and vegetables with a garlic and onion bechamel

To be specific, roast potatoes and mixed vegetables with a garlic and onion bechamel sauce.

Absolutely nothing wrong with that.

But what has become of that apple that I mentioned yesterday? Well, I ended up eating it raw. It was a nice, crisp, sweet Jonagold apple. It didn’t need anything else. It was perfect as it was.


2 Responses to “Meals – Day 09: Roast veg, a 4p rip-off and dandelions”

  1. sarah March 10, 2012 at 12:13 pm #

    Well done again!!!! The office breakfast was amazing!!! Do you think you consume enough of protein these days?

    • kleinebre March 10, 2012 at 7:01 pm #

      Of course the office breakfast was amazing – but I can’t take credit for it. It’s provided by a catering company to our company. Cost-free for me, but it’s provided under the condition that we mingle with other departments.

      I agree protein intake may have been a bit low in the past days (although I have been having milk, yogurt and of course a bacon roll at the company breakfast). I’m feeling more energetic than before I started this whole thing, so not too many worries in that department. Of course I do have a few portions readily available in the freezer; I’ve got some plans for that as you’ll see. Also, I managed eggs today!

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