Meals – Day 10: The ravioli mishap

10 Mar

Well, the meals for day 10 are a fact. Breakfast was oats again, but this time I made them with yoghurt and half of the apple I brought from company breakfast yesterday.

Apple and cherry yoghurt oats.

So far I haven’t bought any sugar, nor have I been bringing home any. With the exception of day 1, all the sugar I’ve been consuming has been what happened to be present in the foods that I eat. That doesn’t mean that I’ve been sugar-free by any stretch, of course. It’s not like that Danish roll yesterday wasn’t packed with it. Or the chocolate cake a while back. And my breakfast yoghurt definitely is sweetened, too. I’m still making up my mind about whether I should get a pack or not. Probably, at some point.

Lunch, as predicted, was a microwave curry – saag aloo (spinach potato) to be specific. When I made my vegetable roast yesterday, the amount of potato in there seemed too much, whereas the portion size of the curry seemed a bit small – so I saved the potato for today and added it to the curry.

Day 10: Saag aloo

To be honest, it wasn’t very good. In fact, any other Saag Aloo that I’ve had in the past has tasted better than this. Still, it was lunch and at 10p I could have done worse.

For supper, I wasn’t sure what to do, but I felt like preparing the last bit of pork and thought making some ravioli would be nice. So I chopped the pork small, browned it in a skillet along with some onion, garlic and herbs, and added some mixed vegetables, then proceeded to make the pasta for the ravioli. Having eggs available (I picked up a box of 10 at 50p earlier today), I used one in the flour.

Then, as I realized I wouldn’t have any sauce for the ravioli, I changed my mind. As I’ve been quite happy with yesterday’s dish, I thought a pie might be nice instead, but wasn’t sure what kind of texture to expect; the egg would inhibit long gluten strands to form, but would the texture be bread-like or pastry- like? I had also been thinking about stuffed buns before, and decided the texture of the result wouldn’t matter much if I simply wrapped the pork and veg into a dough parcel. I shoved it in a 200°C oven and let destiny decide the rest.

Destiny didn’t let me down.

Day 10: Mixed vegetables and garlic pork in crust

The result was actually rather interesting. The pastry was a bit of a cross-over between a pie and pizza dough, but still quite light; possibly the fact that the flour is self-raising helped with that. The garlic pork and mixed vegetables were done before wrapping them in the parcel, so I had no worries about them not getting done enough. Meanwhile the garlic of the pork gave this supper a kebab-like touch as well. I wouldn’t mind making this again, as the pastry hardly takes any time at all and it tasted pretty good.

Only trouble is, I’m pretty much out of lard. It’s getting less and less hard to get by on my one-pound budget though. When going out for groceries, I increasingly find that I don’t reallyneed anything much. I have most essentials stocked now, and this permits me saving up a bit more easily. In turn this allows me to by in slightly bigger quantities, which results in better prices. In turn, this will allow me to save up a bit more easily again. If that cycle continues long enough, I should be able to hit normality again (or something close to it)  at some point.

At one pound per day. Scary.


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