Meals – Day 11: Liver pate, soda bread and grub.

11 Mar

Sunday breakfast started off quite nicely with a touch of luxury. As promised, no suffering going on over there- I had a mini loaf of bread with some liver and mushroom pate.

Mini loaf of bread with liver and mushroom pate

The top had turned slightly dark in the fridge – but that wasn’t much of an issue. I would have covered it with a little bit of fat, but didn’t have any left after actually preparing the pate. Nevertheless, it was a proper pate made with liver, garlic, mushroom, lard, salt and a bit of cream. I also added a bit of orange zest and some juice of the blood orange to it, which I found to work really well a few months ago – although admittedly, it was chicken liver pate that I made back then. Pork liver is a slight bit more bitter-tasting than chicken liver, but the overall result was still quite pleasing. I had the rest of the blood orange for fruit.

As I could eat only about half the loaf, I had the rest of it for lunch. Instead of having it plain, I decided to toast it. I was planning to top it with some egg. Without any fat left, it had to be a soft-boiled egg (or poached – but I’d like to save that for another time) but failed to time it properly and it went pear-shaped. When I started peeling the egg, it still turned out to be liquid. You’re allowed to make fun of me now. The microwave came to the rescue (or more accurately, I came to the microwave and begged it to rescue the egg for me). What is it about Sundays and my cooking? Well, at least this resulted in an edible egg, although not a very pretty one.

Day 11 Lunch - Apple, Egg and toast

I seasoned it with a bit of salt, enjoyed it with the toast, then had my last half an apple along with it.

As the afternoon arrived, I needed to get my groceries for Monday, day 12. I realised that I needed to make sure that I’d have something available that was lunch-worthy, yet wanted to be as economical as possible to try to save up a little bit of cash. I brought a can of mushy peas thinking that it would be a good start. As I arrived back home, I noticed I had completely forgotten about a leftover of cabbage. In fact it turned out to be a bit bigger leftover than I thought. That basically solved the problem; I could eat the cabbage today, the mixed vegetables tomorrow and still have mushy peas left for supper. It wouldn’t be great, but at least it would be economical.
As a result, supper was basically a cabbage soup. This allowed me to cook up supper without adding any fat to it. Yet, it wasn’t quite as bad as day one. To give it a more broth-like flavour, I added the rest of the liver pate to it. Additionally, I could at least season it with some salt. To make it more filling, a few handfuls of oats, which interestingly enough seem to disappear completely after boiling away for a bit. It certainly thickened the dish though.
Supper - Cabbage grub
The result reminded me of the kind of food you’d expect see in a musical such as Annie or perhaps a Charles Dickens novel. Edible (just). Filling. Cheap.
But hang on, because there’s something to learn from this grub. First of all, this now will allow me to have a bit better lunch tomorrow, which will feature the rest of the mixed vegetables. At least I’ve skipped a day of those now, and although I hadn’t grown tired of them yet, it’s good to see a change.Also, I’m rid of that cabbage without letting it go to waste. Finally, here’s oats in a different setting than usual: supper. Although I’ve probably shown that in the least convincing way I could come up with. The above dish is hardly inspiring, but oats work pretty well in a Thai curry sort of thing.
As the whole day felt like a bit of a downhill trip, ending with an anti-climax, I figured I’d compensate for supper and treat myself to a yoghurt.
Sure enough, it made everything better.

5 Responses to “Meals – Day 11: Liver pate, soda bread and grub.”

  1. sarah March 11, 2012 at 11:11 pm #

    Sunday breakfast – the best breakfast so far!!! Well done! Did you make your own bread as well?

    • kleinebre March 11, 2012 at 11:28 pm #

      Yes, I did- it’s just some self-raising flour, water and salt. It makes for a slightly more compact bread than when using yeast, but still light enough to be enjoyable. I sprinkled over some oats for that rustic farmhouse effect, although the picture doesn’t show it very well.

  2. Arno Brevoort March 12, 2012 at 12:54 am #

    Inspired. The bread looks a bit like Irish soda-bread, it all looks very nice for Sunday breakfast.

    I’ve been given yeast by the bakers at my local supermarket, you just need to ask for it.
    With living yeast, you could possibly get a yeast culture going, something with keeping it in a jar, using half to make your new bread, feeding it flour, topping it up. When I tried last year it wasn’t very successful though.

    • Xmalle March 12, 2012 at 3:02 pm #

      I don’t think yeast can deal with the complex carbohydrates you’d find in flour as well as it could with sugar. So sugar (from any source) would be better to work with.

  3. JanouB March 13, 2012 at 2:39 pm #

    Oatmeal is great for padding out a lot of different kinds of meals. We tried (and liked) the Hairy Biker’s corned beef and oatmeal pudding. It’s a wartime recipe made to stretch tinned rations of corned beef, but IMHO it’s actually nicer than straight corned beef, less salty and with a bit more of a bite to it.

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