Groceries – Day 13: Coleslaw and friends

12 Mar
Content of pantry before shopping: 

- Perishable:

   1 portion (approx. 130 grams) of liver
   2.5 chillies
   2 pots fruit yoghurts
   1 small potato
   half an onion
   small leftover of mixed vegetables (frozen)
   garlic (one bulb plus two small cloves)
   margarine (~220 grams)

 - Non-perishable:

   Most of 750 grams of salt
   Flour (a bit less than halfway)
   Mixed herbs
   Lemon thyme
   1 can mushy peas

Budget available for day 13: £ 2.06
Budget used: £ 0.56
Budget left: £ 1.50
Budget available for day 14: £ 2.50

Day 13:Receipt

Budget available on top of tomorrow's budget:
                  1.06 + 0.44 = 1.50
for a total spendable budget of 2.50

I was glad that despite the small budget available, I managed to get a halfway decent basket of groceries today:

One banana, a leek, two stems of broccoli (with permission, of course), ginger, coleslaw and a bag of fresh basil. I should be good in the veg department for a little bit with the leftover of mixed vegetables, the can of mushy peas, the leek, the broccoli and the coleslaw. Breakfast is relatively easy to plan, coleslaw will be for lunch (I’ll need to add some carbohydrate to that though).

I’m doing pretty well saving money for “big” groceries- if I keep as economical as I have been in the last few days, I’ll be able to get that planned bottle of oil (not that it’s a rush anymore) without having to touch my regular, daily budget for it.

That’s the way I like it.


4 Responses to “Groceries – Day 13: Coleslaw and friends”

  1. Linda Dave Walker March 13, 2012 at 12:01 am #


  2. sarah March 13, 2012 at 2:20 pm #

    It is a bit mad to be able to have your meals and to save more than 2 pounds in such short period of time…. Well done!!!

  3. Elizabeth Hull March 14, 2012 at 1:41 pm #

    You mentioned earlier about the possibility of buying sugar, but what for ? Fruit, veg. milk all have their own sugars. The only reason I buy sugar is for cakes & desserts, none of which are strictly necessary. But it has to be said that ‘treat food’ takes on a whole new perspective with your challenge. Anyway, I only really wanted to say a ‘very well done’ so far – both impressive and fascinating.

    • kleinebre March 14, 2012 at 10:25 pm #

      I’d use it for desserts, mostly. As I’ve still got some cream, it’s tempting to try and make a creme brulee (what else do I have that blowtorch for?), biscuits (to sell maybe?) or some other goodies that I still might do *if* I decide to get sugar… so I’ll keep them a surprise.

      On the other hand, I’ve been getting by without it in my pantry for two weeks now. Which doesn’t mean I haven’t consumed any – my regular yoghurts, cakes and biscuits brought in by coworkers, and the company breakfast Danish all are packed with the stuff.

      I sweetened my pancake breakfast this morning with banana (also allowing me to leave out the egg altogether). Sweet!

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