Meals – Day 12: Mixed veg variety

12 Mar

Monday again – back at the office, and that meant preparing lunch in the morning. As I’m saving up some money for a few more expensive groceries, I’m trying to economise as much as I can. That meant, in this case, plain oats with some water.

They turned out basically perfectly – When covering oats with liquid and then submitting them to a minute-and-a-half of microwave at full blast, that’s usually the predictable result. Interestingly, some companies sell two-minute oats at a premium price. That’s some impressive marketing!

Still, needless to say, being just oats and water, it did taste a bit watery. I find my taste is adjusting; in general, I appreciate my food a bit more now, regardless of what it is. Can deal a bit better with the absence of sugar (although I already used to drink my coffee and tea without it).

Then to prepare lunch. As mentioned, my plan was to just bring some mixed vegetables. Actually it turned out that what I thought was a leftover was much more than that. I boiled up a good portion, had some for supper, and will probably still be using the rest for soup.

So, mixed veg for lunch. In addition, I boiled an egg, to turn it into somewhat of a salad. I cut the egg into the mixture, seasoned the mix with salt and vinegar, and had an enjoyable lunch packed full of goodness.

For supper, I peeled all but one of the potatoes I had left, cut them into strips and boiled them.
Meanwhile I also cut half an onion into strips as well, then slowly and gently browned them in some margarine in a skillet. I was going for maximum flavour and a slight bit of crisp, so I added a pinch of salt and got that temperature just high enough to start it browning slowly. I then added some mixed veg, which I wanted to get done, but still colourful. I finished it off with a drizzle of cream.

If you’ve ever had the Portuguese dish “bacalhão com natas”, the flavours of this dish somewhat reminded of it- albeit without the cod. Simple food, once again with a similar set of ingredients, but the flavour had nothing to do with the mixed veg of the past few days.

Tomorrow is going to be interesting – I’m not sure if I’ll have time to do much shopping or cooking. I might have to do my blogging on the go. I think I’m well enough prepared to deal with it. But if you don’t hear from me tomorrow, don’t panic!


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