Meals – Day 13: Garlic flatbread and a lot of chewing

13 Mar

I’m writing this from my monthly geek-out, which means I’ll have to be doing this in a bit more limiting circumstances than usual. I’m also still in the process of saving up money for a bit bigger groceries, so still going ultra-low budget.

Breakfast had to be quick – this time I decided to have my oats raw with strawberry yoghurt (or yogurt, however you want to spell it. It differs from place to place, it seems). By keeping it raw, it’d give a bit more muesli-like feeling to my breakfast. The yogurt provided the necessary grease to actually make it edible.

Day 13: Breakfast

In the meantime, although I had bought a little 20p tub of coleslaw for lunch, that and my oats weren’t going to get me through the day. I needed something to go with it, and it needed to be something I could quickly prepare in the morning, before going to work.

What I came up with was a garlic flatbread of sorts. It will get done quicker for two reasons: It has a larger surface area to absorb heat than a loaf, and because it’s thinner, the heat will penetrate it more quickly.

So I mixed some self-raising flour and water and chopped up a small clove of garlic. I then sprinkled the bread’s worth of salt onto the garlic and slided my knife over that while pressing it down. By doing this a few times, the abrasive salt will then help to further grind down the garlic into a sort of paste. The point of this was to more evenly blend the garlic with the dough.

I popped the flatbread on a baking tin into the oven which I had preheated to 200 degrees Celcius, to the point where it just started to brown. It smelled absolutely amazing. It was time to go, so I packed the flatbread into a plastic box and left. As lunchtime arrived, I briefly microwaved it (for about half a minute, just to get it slightly warm and make it release that wonderful, garlicky smell again), then cut it open and filled it up with coleslaw. I present to you what I consider today’s “Meal of the Day”.

Garlic flatbread with coleslaw

This was rather enjoyable, although every time I eat coleslaw I remember why I hardly ever eat it. The chewing just never ends, does it? Mr. Blumenthal was on to something when he came up with his Red Cabbage Gazpacho: All the intense, peppery flavour of a coleslaw but with none of the endless chewing. If you like the flavour of coleslaw but hate the chewy part, I suggest finding the recipe and giving it a go. The mustard ice cream works wonderfully with it as well.

Tuesday is fruit-at-work day, so I had myself a banana. A coworker kindly let me have the carrot-sticks he left over from his salad bag – I’m sure they’ll come in handy.

Supper had to be quick as I was getting to my monthly geek-out venue, so I didn’t have time to put together anything fancy. I settled for garlic-and-broccoli rice with a fried egg:

Day 13 supper: Garlic and broccoli rice with a fried egg

Just as I had finished the egg, my carpool ride arrived and I had to pack up the rest and take it along. I suppose that’s the one pound per day version of a takeaway – you cook it at home, then you take it away with you!

I’ll have to give some thought to tomorrow as it’s going to be a busy day. Fortunately my local supermarket is open 24 hours a day, so once I make up my mind about what I need, if anything, at least I’ll have a choice what to do. I still have a can of mushy peas, a leek, a rather small potato, some mixed veg and half an onion as well as a banana, a saved fruit day apple and a clementine. For my five-a-days I should be fine. I also still have some pork liver as well as 6 eggs left, so protein, too, is covered. The main question is, what can one cook up with that on a busy day? I think I see a potato-and-leek soup in the future!


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