Groceries – Day 15: An empty list

15 Mar
The groceries list of day 15 is incredibly short. You see, I’ve got all this food in my pantry so I don’t actually need anything at all. Which is a good thing, because it’s been a long two days. I’ll just have to figure out what to do about lunch.

Content of pantry before shopping: 

- Perishable:

   1 portion (approx. 130 grams) of liver
   2.5 chillies
   1 tomato
   2 pots fruit yoghurt
   1 small potato
   half an onion
   small leftover of mixed vegetables (frozen)
   garlic (one bulb plus two small cloves)
   margarine (~220 grams)
   leftover cream

 - Non-perishable:

   Most of 750 grams of salt
   Flour (about a quarter left)
   Mixed herbs
   Basil (frozen)
   Lemon thyme (frozen)
   1 can mushy peas

Therefore the summary looks as follows:

Budget available for day 15: £ 3.00
Budget used: £ 0.00
Budget left: £ 3.00
Budget available for day 15: £ 4.00

I’ll make do with what I have for a day. Looks like I’ll be doing a bit more relaxed shopping next time! But let’s not go too far overboard…


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