Meals – Day 14: Breakfast pancakes, tinned ravioli and Chinese

15 Mar

Today was going to be a busy, long day. I frankly didn’t know if I’d have the time to update the blog, let alone cook. So I gathered that I’d better make a nice breakfast and make it count.

Preparing a pancake sounded like a plan, but I like my pancakes to have a bit of sweetness. I still had a banana and thought it would combine pretty well. Also, remembering some vegan recipes I picked up in the past, I realised that in some recipes, egg can actually be replaced by banana in baking – depending on the recipe of course. In any case, I decided to try making a banana pancake without egg and without milk (as I simply didn’t have any) – and hope for the best. After all, an egg saved is an egg earned, and I’ve been having plenty of them lately.

Well, I must say it worked a treat.

Day 14 breakfast: Banana pancake with banana and apple

While it was cooking it seemed the banana brought out some malty notes from the wheat flour. That probably sounds crazy as the wheat for the flour probably wasn’t malted. I added the rest of the banana on there as well as some slices of apple (the rest of which I ate too).
It was a nice change from my usual breakfasts, it was quick. and it would probably be my only actual cooking effort of the day – so taking all of that in consideration, I proclaim this pancake “meal of the day”. Not that it only went downhill from there.

Not only, I said. Because lunch was, well… convenient.

Canned ravioli. The cheapest kind. No meat, no cheese. Basically, flour wrapped in pasta in a tomato sauce that’s more starch than tomato. Now, I had bought a tomato to add to that, and I had thought I’d jazz it up with a bit of fresh/frozen basil as well – but I forgot to bring those. I could kick myself at that point. But there it was, it wasn’t going to eat itself so I took care of it. This was far from being the best meal of the month so far. But that was all right. I was looking forward to supper already.

I wasn’t certain what it was going to be, but I was helping out some friends with some audio work. In return, they took me out for Chinese. Not a bad deal at all, from where I’m standing. Of course these little jobs are few and far between, but it was a way to get a decent plate of food at no cost.

I took the opportunity to have some Singapore style rice noodles. Even outside this challenge I’d have trouble cooking those properly.

Day 14 Supper: Singapore noodles (dinner out)

I doubt I hit my five-a-day today – sorry people. But there was free food and fun. I’m telling you, this is the life. Now all I need is a cardboard sign saying “Will Work For Food”.


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