Meals – Day 16: Company breakfast, mushy peas and savory tart

16 Mar
Another friday, another company breakfast. Somehow I nearly forgot – I had poured some dry oats in a bowl, and had just opened my last yoghurt, only to realise why I woke up at that ungodly hour in the first place.
Day 16 breakfast: Company breakfast

As usual, the breakfast was excellent with plenty of fruit, a sausage roll and a Danish pastry. If I had sugar I could attempt to make my own some day. I also had an espresso with that, as I could have slept for just a bit longer – but then I’d have missed the breakfast. I hope I won’t regret that coffee tomorrow. The HP sauce was not a big success- it dripped onto the Danish. Not the best of combinations. I saved the apple for lunch.

Lunch, in turn, was the can of mushy peas I brought in, and, as mentioned, the apple. Along with a little cup of juice, I was well on my way to my five-a-day for the day.

Day 16 lunch: Mushy peas

Not the most appetizing lunch ever, but along with breakfast I was only down 12p so far. That is, if it wouldn’t be for the yoghurt I had earlier in the morning. This whole blog thing makes for pretty interesting table conversation – from vegan cheese to preparing animals you’d normally only find nowhere but in the zoo.

After two meals that were effortless to prepare, I felt I was up to spending a bit more time on supper. Quite a bit more time. I started by making several sheets of warka (thanks again Titli- your warka recipe is the greatest food discovery I made last year). Warka is a paper thin cooked pastry. It’s very suitable for spring rolls, but I never managed to make spring roll pastry from scratch the official way. Warka is however much easier to make than real spring roll pastry; you just brush some flour water into a skillet set over a pan with boiling water until it dries up and forms a paper thin layer, then lift it out of the pan. If you happen to be gluten intolerant, it works with rice flour too, but you’ll have to add an egg.

Similar to using phyllo pastry, you can layer several of these warka sheets and keep them separated by brushing on some oil. The result is lightly less delicate than puff pastry, but will crisp up nicely, especially around the edges. And for those of you who are vegan, there are no animal ingredients in it.

(What if you’re both vegan and gluten intolerant? I have no idea. What are the odds, after all? But if that’s a serious question to you, I’d suggest trying a kind of gluten free flour that’s high in protein. Chickpea/gram flour comes to mind, maybe mixed with some rice flour? Sorry, you’re on your own there!).

I placed the layers of pastry in an oven tin and in a preheated oven, then proceeded by warming up the last of my frozen mixed vegetables in a skillet. I also mixed in a clove of garlic, some onion and the last bit of cream as it really needed to be used up. Once the pastry started to very slightly brown, I took it out of the oven and filled this tart casing with the cooked vegetables, then added an egg which I had very briefly beaten with a fork, and back into the oven it went.

From then on, it was only a matter of waiting – but the wait was very much worth it.

Now I’ll just have to decide what to make next!


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