Groceries – Day 17: Just a simple lunch

17 Mar

As day 17 is a Saturday and I had plans for both breakfast and supper, I had no need to rush to the supermarket to already get my groceries the night before. I enjoyed a calm night. Of course this meant that I still needed to arrange for lunch on the Saturday itself. I kept it simple and convenient by getting a potato salad, a banana and an apple, making for a happy little lunch.

Groceries day 17: Potato salad, a banana and an apple

Of course this was convenient, but convenience comes at a price:

Day17: Receipt

Budget available for day 17: £ 1.45
Budget used: £ 0.54
Budget left: £ 0.91
Budget available for day 18: £ 1.91

Keep in mind that although it’s only 54p, it’s a smallish lunch –
yet it cost more than half of a days’ budget worth. Basically, I shouldn’t do this kind of thing too often this month or I’ll starve. Fortunately, supper was going to compensate for the loss.


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