Groceries – Day 18: More or less

18 Mar

Grocery-wise day 18 was a bit strange.

I was planning to drop by at a museum, and a friend asked me if I could drop by at the Asian supermarket on my way for some potato starch. Well, I most certainly could, and it would solve my lunch as well, so I did. By the time I was on my way back, it was past 4pm, most supermarkets had closed so I was a bit troubled about what to get for breakfast and lunch tomorrow, but Lidl was still open. I had plans for a leek soup for lunch but they never happened, but my Sunday budget was not exhausted yet so I could put the groceries for tomorrow on the Sunday bill and use it for supper as well. On top of that, I did some groceries last night as well. Confused yet?

Anyway, financially groceries for day 18 look like this:

Day18_asda Day 18 groceries part 2 Groceries Day 18: LIDL

Or, in summary:

Budget available for day 18: £ 1.91
Budget used: £ 0.57 + £ 0.35 + £ 0.56 = £ 1.48
Budget left: £ 0.43
Budget available for day 19: £ 1.43

Note the budget for day 19 has not actually been touched yet – We’re over a pound ahead of the game. Which, in short, means I could have toast with my supper instead of having to prepare rice.

As for the actual groceries, the bunch of them look something like this:

Day 18 groceries part 1 Day 18 groceries part 2 Day18 groceries part 3
Although I’m a bit over a pound ahead of the game, I should watch my expenses though. The actual reserve seems to be thinning down.

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