Meals – Day 18: Humble food

18 Mar
Sunday. I tend to like going over the top during the weekend but I didn’t feel today would be a good time for that. I did, however, feel like giving another try to those crumpets. The texture didn’t turn out quite right yesterday and I felt I could do at least a bit better, even without having all the proper ingredients available. I made the batter a slight bit thinner and used a tiny bit more vinegar. I also turned up the heat slightly more. Sure enough, the texture was closer this time, as was the colour of the top layer:
Day 18: Crumpets try 2
Now those, without a shadow of doubt, couldn’t be called anything but crumpets. Nice spongy texture. Although they were still not as light and holey as Great British Crumpets, this time it was definitely much closer. Anything else can probably be chalked up to not using yeast and strong flour.
Of course I wasn’t just going to have plain crumpets, though. Considering I had cheese available, the obvious thing was a nice crumpet cheese melt:
Day 18 breakfast: Crumpet cheese melt
Is it worth the effort to make your own crumpets? It depends. Price wise, crumpets cost only about 5p per unit if you buy them ready-made at the supermarket the day before. Making your own costs roughly the same. I get a whole lot more satisfaction from learning to make my own, though. And should I ever find myself craving crumpets while abroad, I won’t be without them.
Now, lunch was a bit of an issue. I was planning to drop by at a museum but was also asked to bring a bag of potato starch on my way there. So I was going to be dropping by at the Asian supermarket around lunch time and needed something to eat. No-brainer – instant noodles. I went for Indomie Mie Goreng Rendang.
Day 18 Lunch: Mie goreng rendang
That ought to cure my craving for spices for just a few more days. Looking back, I probably should have brought curry powder as well.
On my way back from the museum I realized that it was too late to drop by at most supermarkets- but Lidl was still open. As my Sunday budget was still not exhausted and Monday was untouched, I could bring a loaf of bread and a banana and still eat it today. So I had my banana, then cooked up a leek and potato soup:
In all fairness, this wasn’t quite right. If you compare it with my usual leek soup recipe, at least.
It was well edible, but tastes vary- I’m not too fond of potato in soups. Some creaminess and a few drops of liquid smoke would have made this so much better.
Well, at least breakfast and lunch won’t be an issue. I’m thinking of having the last bit of liver for supper – any ideas?

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