Groceries – Day 19: Supper only

19 Mar

As I didn’t get my groceries for day 19 yet, I could do my shopping just before supper. What’s more, I had £ 1.43 available so I didn’ t need to worry too much about what I’d get. I did, however, already have a plan, and as it turns out, it’s something pretty low budget.

So in the end, what I got was a little bag of instant mash, a carrot and some mustard.

Day 19 groceries

This didn’t cost the world, of course, so my receipt only showed 66p, most of which was in mustard – a staple item. Which in turn meant that the actual cost for my meal wasn’t going to be 66p – it would be nearer to half of that.

Day 19 receipt

In summary, then, groceries for day 19 look like this:

Budget available for day 19: £ 1.43
Budget used: £ 0.66
Budget left: £ 0.77
Budget available for day 20: £ 1.77

It's practical having a little bit of surplus budget available - to some degree
it allows bulk-buying. At the very least, it will sometimes give me the choice
to buy better value items than if I were hard-limited to just one pound. One thing
I've noticed (have you too?) is that my average daily expenses seem have dropped
since starting the challenge. I'm much more getting by on what I already have than
having to depending on the groceries bought with the budget of the day alone.

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