Groceries – Day 22/23: Just the basics

22 Mar
So, as you know I skipped a day of groceries.
For day 21 I had £ 1.32 available, which I didn’t use, leaving me with an extra pound or £ 2.32 for day 22 (today). I did get an onion and a small bag of potatoes before supper.
Receipt day 22Day 22 groceries
Budget available for day 22: £ 2.32
Budget used: £ 0.64
Budget left: £ 1.68
Budget available for day 23: £ 2.68
I didn’t do any groceries just yet specifically for day 23. I’ve still got oats, bread, a big slice of cheese, potatoes, mixed veg and liver left in the freezer, I figured I’d probably be fine surviving another day without getting any groceries. Some ingredients prove to stretch quite a bit without getting too boring – flour, egg, potato, bread and mixed veg all provide a world of variety.
Also, I just remembered that it’s company breakfast day tomorrow, so I’ll probably be more than fine.

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