Groceries – Day 23: Too busy, therefore too expensive

24 Mar
I didn’t really need any groceries for 23. Unfortuntely, with the early breakfast I didn’t have much time to cook up lunch, and as I wasn’t going to drop by at home before going out, I had to improvise for supper as well. As a result, nutrition for day 23 is sub-par, especially considering what was spent on it.
Day 23: Receipt
37p for a ciabatta. I seem to recall spending 10p more and getting a whole loaf at that price. But at least it would get me through lunch.
Supper was a pack of instant noodles – I don’t have a receipt for that, but the market cost of that brand was 35p last time I checked, so that’s what I’ll have to charge myself for that. I could’ve bought 3 packs of instant noodles at that price. Thankfully it was company breakfast day. The final figure for day 23 looks as follows:
Budget available for day 23: £ 2.68
Budget used: £ 0.72
Budget left: £ 1.96
Budget available for day 24: £ 2.96



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