Meals – Day 23: Let them eat cake

24 Mar
Company breakfast day! Mingle, mingle, Make pictures – Whoops, forgot my cam. So here’s a smart phone shot instead.
Day 23: Company breakfast
Nothing much to say about that – The juice and fruit probably made for about 3 of my five a day. I’m afraid that’s all of the 5 I’ve had today. Plenty of protein and fats there though, and carbs are the least of my worries this month. It’s been a crazy busy day today during lunch time as well as I had some personal things to attend to which took up most of my lunch break. So I had do my lunch groceries at the relatively expensive Cooperative supermarket nearest to my employer – I didn’t have time to walk to the comparatively cheaper Sainsbury’s. I paid more than a meals’ budget for just a ciabatta. Fortunately I could top it with some breakfast butter and jam. In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have bought that ciabatta at all. A coworker had brought in some cake (Happy birthday Maureen!) so I topped up my lunch with some of that.
The irony that cake ended up being cheaper (to me) than bread. Makes you wonder if Marie-Antoinette was doing a one-French-Franc-per-day challenge herself in her days. I don’t remember the exact outcome but I don’t think she made it.
Day 23: Lunch
As I didn’t have time to drop by at home before going to a colleagues leaving drinks, Supper was just a pack of instant noodles.
Day 23: supper
I did have some free nibbles at the leaving drinks, but more importantly a great time. Best of luck for the future Aimen, and we’ll be in touch.
Nothing in the recipes department for day 23 I’m afraid- let’s see if we can do something about that during the weekend.

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