Groceries – Day 24: A touch of indulgence

25 Mar

Day 24 had a bit of both worlds. I tried to keep my groceries at a minimum because I still had enough food to get by with; at the same time I wanted to indulge a little bit. You see, I really enjoy having a fried egg on a Saturday. And sometimes, I like to go ompletely overboard by upgrading it. So I got myself 61p worth of cooked ham. What luxury! I also added a 12p banana for fruit.

Day 24: Groceries

Day 24: Receipt

Budget available for day 24: £ 2.96
Budget used: £ 0.73
Budget left: £ 2.23
Budget available for day 25: £ 3.23

As you may have noticed, I’m slowly building up a bit of a budget again. The idea is that by following a strategy of making do with what I have, and limiting myself to getting what I actually need, occasionally I’ll have the financial space in my budget to get what I actually want. Ham would definitely classify as an item that was on the want list. There’s a lot of wisdom in the expression “need not, want not”.

What else is on the want list? By next week you’ll know!


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