Groceries – Day 26: Running out of everything

26 Mar

Despite everything, I’m starting to feel the end of the month. Expenses outside my food budget continue as usual, and those non-food expenses have been unusually high. Having said that, I’m running out of a lot of things so I needed to get myself some breakfast and lunch. Supper would be a problem I’d address at night.

For breakfast I still had a few slices of bread and wondered about a nice topping. Not wanting to use my last egg or ham just yet, I bought a jar of lemon curd at 22p. After checking the label, at least I can be at ease in the knowledge that no lemons were hurt in the process. Along with it I got a banana and two packs of instant noodles for lunch. That would keep me going until the end of the day.

Day 26 groceries: Morning

All these yummy products set me back a total of 55p.

But I knew that that wasn’t going to be everything yet. Supper still needed to be arranged. I just didn’t want to shop for that yet as it had to involve some protein. So once the morning groceries were done, my finances looked like this:

Budget available for day 26: £ 3.81
Budget used: £ 0.55
Budget left: £ 3.26
Budget available for rest of day 26: £ 3.26

Supper groceries were somewhat more of an issue. As mentioned, I’m running out of many things, so I urgently needed a top-up of my pantry and fridge. Here’s what I got:

Day 26 groceries: Evening

You’re looking at a kilo of chicken pieces, a kilo of rice, a bulb of garlic and a bag of beansprouts. The receipt that goes with it is this one:

Receipt Day 26 (evening)

As it’s the last week, I have definitely arrived at a point where most things I buy will last me until the end of the challenge. In hindsight, I might not have needed to get rice, as I still have some dry spaghetti, potatoes, oats and flour. I won’t possibly use all of that before the end of the month. The garlic will last until the end of the week, and I expect the chicken will too. Bean sprouts are quite sensitive- they’ll last two or three days, tops before they really need to be used.

Either way, the final balance for day 26 looks as follows:

Budget available for rest of day 26: £ 3.26
Budget used: £ 2.80
Budget left: £ 0.46
Budget available for day 27: £ 1.46

It’s been an expensive day, no doubt. But it was worth it, as you’ll briefly see in the post “Meals” for day 26. At least carbohydrates and protein won’t be an issue until the end of the month. It should be mostly vegetables and fruit from this point forward.


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