Groceries – Day 27: Catching up

28 Mar

My apologies for not posting my groceries and meals for day 27 yesterday. I felt exhausted and needed a break. I’ve not kept a very close eye on my nutrition in the past days – no doubt that had something to do with it. Normally I’d just have an extra coffee and keep going.

Anyway, as you may have understood from my previous post, no French stick or other carbs for groceries this time. I settled for an onion, a carrot, two mushrooms and a tub of sweet chilli sauce.

Day 27: Groceries

They cost me a total of 63p (over a third of it on the sauce).

Day 27: Receipt
I didn’t have any definite meal plans, but I figured I could use the chilli sauce for a wrap or something, and the onion, mushrooms and carrot would provide me with some of my much needed plant-based nutrition. With just 1.46 available for day 27, the 37p saved was a welcome bit of room in my budget.
Budget available for day 27: £ 1.46
Budget used: £ 0.63
Budget left: £ 0.83
Budget available for day 28: £ 1.83

I’ll leave it at that for Day 27 groceries – let’s look at some meals!


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