Groceries – Day 28: Baked beans at last

28 Mar

So. It has come to this.

No low-cost food challenge would be complete without baked beans. As the end of the challenge is getting near, I decided to get me a can and enjoy it, student-style. Sounds good? The truth is, actually I forgot to bring in my lunch today, so I had to find something to eat. Baked beans were the cheapest non-noodles choice with still some nutritional value.

Day 28: Receipt 1 (baked beans)

So I ended up spending 32p on beans. I paid a coworker another 10p for a slice of bread – fair for both of us. That should teach me to forget bringing in my lunch.

I was a bit luckier for supper groceries. The very first thing I ran into at the reduced section was 350 grams of “Rainbow roasting vegetables” at 18p. No need to think twice, that’s cheap. I added a banana and a can of chickpeas and called it a day. No worries about nutrition today, at least.

Day 28 groceries

Of course there’s a receipt for that as well.

Day 28: Receipt 2

Overall I didn’t do too well today, financially. The main problem was the price of lunch – it simply was too expensive. Yet, I managed to stay just under a pound and I managed to eat well.

Budget available for day 28: £ 1.83
Budget used: £ 0.32 + £ 0.10 + £ 0.52 = £ 0.94
Budget left: £ 0.89
Budget available for day 29: £ 1.89

Nothing to complain about then!



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