Meals – Day 27: Too much rice

28 Mar
Breakfast for day 27 wasn’t going to be plain oats *again*. You people have more than seen your share of that one by now, and although it’s great to have a default breakfast to fall back on, there’s more to life than just oats. So I ground up some rice and made a quick and simple rice pudding.
Big Mistake.
For starters, I should have sieved the rice flour. After nuking the rice shortly in the microwave, there were still hard raw bits in it. It didn’t do the texture of the porridge any favours. Also, without sugar or salt it was bland as hell. Seriously, note to self: don’t bother with rice pudding if you don’t have milk. Or sugar. Or at least a bit of cinnamon. Just don’t do it. It tasted as bad as the gunk in the Matrix looked when they proclaimed, “breakfast for champions”.
Day 27 Breakfast: Rice pudding (seriously, don't bother)
It wasn’t until just after I had swallowed the last spoon that I realised that I *could* have added a spoonful of lemon curd to it to make it more palatable. Great.
Fortunately, lunch was going to be better. I had planned to have rice for lunch, using the leftover of rice I reserved yesterday. I had mixed it with the leftover of chicken stock with soy sauce. I brought in another third of my bag of beansprouts, so no problem there.
It looked pretty tasty as well.
Day 27 lunch: Leftover chicken rice with bean sprouts
But it tasted quite horrible. It didn’t taste enough like chicken. Or soy sauce. Or anything really. And it was way, way too much rice. Looks like I didn’t split it evenly yesterday. I certainly had had enough rice for the day, despite the fact that I still had some bean sprouts in the fridge.
No, for supper I was definitely not going to have any more rice. Anything but.
I decided on potato, and as this time I had oil available, I was going to boil some, cut in match sticks. To prevent them from falling apart I added some vinegar to the cooking water (which helps set the pectin). I’d then shallow-fry it with some onion and sliced mushrooms. Add a bit of ham. And a teaspoon of mustard. For contrast, some raw grated carrot and a few beansprouts.
Not too shabby if I say so myself!
day27 supper: Shallow-fried potato/onion with mushrooms, ham, carrot and beansprouts


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