Meals – Day 28: Swinging back into balance

28 Mar
As you may have noticed, I haven’t been keeping as close an eye on my nutrition as I should have in the past few days. By the way, it may have looked worse than it really was – after all, Tuesdays the company where I work provides fruit. I still ended the day utterly exhausted though, so it was definitely time to get back to a bit more balanced eating.
I started the day with a banana pancake – that is, a pancake made with flour, water, and half a company banana topped with the other half and a spoonful of lemon curd.
Day 28 Breakfast: Banana pancake with lemon curd
Lunch! Oh, lunch. Would it ever have been a great idea not to forget to bring in my lunch. But I did, so I needed to find something else to eat. Not instant noodles *again*. I wanted something more nutritious. Yet filling and cheap. The obvious choice, for once, was to buy a can of baked beans. I also paid a colleague 10p for a slice of wholemeal bread, which I toasted.
Day 28 Lunch: Baked beans and toast
It did the trick, but was slightly over budget from a meal-to-meal perspective: 42p in total. Other than that, it was as you’d expect from a can of baked beans – not great, but not bad.
I updated this blog first, then went hunting for supper. The benefit being, of course, that the chance I’d run into discounted items was a bit bigger. And so it was. I found a great bargain on roastable vegegables, most of which I pan-fried (I’m such a rebel) to save some time. I reserved a few pieces of red bell pepper, as they’ll probably come in handy for a stir-fry soon. Either way, I added some spaghetti to top it up.
Day 28 supper: Spaghetti with rainbow roast vegetables.
And that was it for today – Pretty much back on track, both nutritionally and with the blog. I’m signing off for today, see you again tomorrow!

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