Kindly allow me to rant.

28 Mar

I’ve spent a bit more time wandering about the supermarket to decide what to buy. There was a great deal on French stick breads – 30p for a stick that would last me for three meals. Great value. I had trouble resisting until I told myself the magic four words I’ve come to rely on: “I don’t need it” as I’ve got enough carbohydrate available for the rest of the month.

The problem, of course, is that I’d need to prepare something with them. It suddenly dawned on me:

The main product that supermarkets sell you is not food. It’s convenience.

Most of the foodstuffs that you find in the supermarket will have been prepared for you in one way or another. Pre-made pizza. Canned, boiled vegetables. Chicken portions. Sausages. Instant mash. We don’t think about making our own sausages, mash, bread most of the time. We typically don’t pluck our chickens any more. It all has to be so easy. Just take a look. Seriously. How many of these products do you actually need? You could make the vast majority of them right there, in your own kitchen. But it all has to be so bloody convenient, doesn’t it?

Not that that’s a problem. There’s a pay-off. After all, what does all that convenience get us? Time. Lots of time. Time that we’d otherwise spend preparing food. Which is quite a hassle, especially if you’ve also got a job to tend to during the day. So now that we’ve got all that free time, what do we all do with that time? Well, mostly, we watch TV. By all means, feel free to do so, by the way.

The problem is, we’re losing touch with our food. It makes me kind of sad to see microwave omelettes to “microwave from frozen in three minutes” when I can grab a skillet and do the same, from fresh, in less time than that. Or to see “instant” microwave oats which will cook in two minutes, when I typically nuke the cheapest oats I can find in 1 minute 30 seconds flat.

All right then, just a short rant to finish it off. I noticed the mushy peas were priced down. They’re 10p per can now. Priced down from 17p.

Wait, what? I would swear that they were 12p before, not 17p:
Receipt Day 12
I guess they’ve put the Ministry of Truth in charge of that. Next thing you know, they’ll price them down from 21p to 14p.

Rant over.


2 Responses to “Kindly allow me to rant.”

  1. ournewlifeinthecountry April 30, 2013 at 10:33 am #

    ‘The main product that supermarkets sell you is not food. It’s convenience.’

    So very true, I simply HAVE to pinch that quote to go on my Blog, is it okay to?

    The thing is as you so rightly say this gives us more time, in which we more often than not watch tv, with adverts that direct us right back to the supermarkets and their ‘must have’ time saving meals!!

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