Groceries – Day 29: Protein with a kick

29 Mar

Shopping for supper. What to eat? What to buy? One thing was certain, I didn’t need any carbs. For protein, I only had chicken available- but I didn’t want to eat any just yet. When I ran into half a kilo of mince for 70p, however, I couldn’t resist. After all, even if there’s a leftover, I can always have the rest after this month, right? I thought I might make a mince stroganoff, as I didn’t need a lot of vegetables today, so I got two big mushrooms and a chilli, and left it at that.

Day 29: Groceries

Then when I arrived home, I changed my mind. I just hate it when I do that. I went just 1p over a pound, but what a bargain.

Day 29: Receipt

Budget available for day 29: £ 1.89
Budget used: £ 1.01
Budget left: £ 0.88
Budget available for day 30: £ 1.88

A bit tight, and I didn’t really take tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch in account yet. I wonder if I’ll manage to cook what I want on the last day!


2 Responses to “Groceries – Day 29: Protein with a kick”

  1. Mr. Fed Up March 29, 2012 at 8:50 pm #

    Dude, its all about the chili. I probably eat one a day. A little heat makes food always better. Anyway, thats amazing you can stay so cheap with your groceries…I have stated growing vegetables in the yard just to try and keep the weekly grocery bill down.

    • kleinebre March 29, 2012 at 9:33 pm #

      I enjoy having my food spicier than I have had on average this month. In April I’ll definitely be having a nice Thai green curry, or a nice chicken Madras, or both. I’m not much into hot-for-the-sake-of-hot though – It’s got to have flavour. I normally consume most of my chillies as chilli paste made according to this recipe:

      A lot of keeping the bills low has come down to buying what’s available for cheap and coming up with a way of preparing it, more often improvised than not. Not every meal can be special, but by at least once in a while making something nice, it’s been bearable. Interestingly, this month I’ve come up with more recipes that are “keepers” than in a typical month. I’ve found it easier to improvise them based on what happened to be available, than to try to come up with a list of cheap recipes beforehand. Going low budget forced me to shop different from usual. That difference has been inspiring.

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