Groceries – Day 30: Banana, Bread and Beet

1 Apr

Friday, as usual, is the day that our company provides breakfast to those who mingle. As breakfast tends to be pretty good, I decided to wait and see what would happen for lunch. Subsequently this meant I needed to get out to arrange for it.

I found that getting low budget foodstuffs is much easier if you actually know a supermarket well. Especially if your local supermarket is one of the megastore kind, spend an hour or two looking browsing the shelves to see what’s cheapest. You’ll get a pretty good feel for what you can get at what price at that supermarket.

Of course I didn’t have that benefit. What’s worse, I needed some carbs for lunch despite having plenty of carbs available at home. So I went for the cheapest carbs I could find (other than noodles *again*) which was a pack of pitta breads for 20p. I added a banana for fruit.

Day 30 Groceries part 1

This combination cost me 34p.

Day 30 Receipt 1

For supper, I had a similar problem. I obviously needed some vegetables (and vegetables only) but I wanted something other than the same old carrots, that didn’t cost the world. I actually ended up finding a jar of sliced beetroot, which fit the bill nicely.

Groceries day 30 part 2

… which cost me the total price of 39p. Not the cheapest vegetables out there, but worth the price for having a nice bit of variation.

Day 30 receipt 2

So what does the day look like, financially? Well, surprisingly, on day 30 I still managed to save a little bit.
Here’s the summary:

Budget available for day 30: £ 1.88
Budget used: £ 0.34+£ 0.39 = £ 0. 73
Budget left: £ 1.15
Budget available for day 31: £ 2.15

This certainly would be enough to make my last day wishes come true!


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