Groceries – Day 31: The final straw

1 Apr

Saturday. Officially the last day of my One Pound Per Day challenge. And, coincidentally, the busiest day I’ve had for over a year. Not a very good combination. In the middle of it, I was away and still needed to get something to eat. It was about 15:30 before I finally had my lunch, and about 20:30 before I could get to supper.

But yes, those groceries. Well, this was what I got for lunch. Not inspiring and in fact I could have spent less if I had gone for the economy-line.

As a result, this cost me 42p. Far above what a single meal should cost.

Receipt day 31

As for supper, I was utterly exhausted by then. I simply couldn’t get myself to cook a meal anymore. So I gave in to convenience.

Need I mention how much this cost me?

But now for the good news.

Budget available for day 31: £ 2.15
Budget used: £ 0.42+£ 1.39 = £ 1.81
Budget left: £ 0.34
Budget available for day 32: £ 1.34

The good news is, I MADE IT!!! Also, I spent no more than 99p per day.
The bad news: Not the best curry I’ve had. Also, there wasn’t enough of it 😉

Now for the “Meals” post. I suppose it will hardly be a surprise… stay tuned!


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