Meals – Day 30: Unwanted-carb burger

1 Apr
Friday! Oh, glorious friday. The day when breakfast is free, and the second-to-last day of my one pound a day challenge. As you would expect, I mingled with some people from another department (which, surprisingly, even seemed a useful thing to do this time), and of course, as usual, I thoroughly enjoyed my breakfast.
Day 30 breakfast: Company breakfast
I didn’t actually eat everything – I saved the apple, butter and jam and had them later. Jam and butter probably wouldn’t have worked that well on the bacon roll anyway, and the Danish roll was sweet enough as it was.
I wasn’t very well prepared for lunch, so I needed to get out and get myself something decent. Unfortunately this also meant getting some unwanted carbs. Unwanted, because I was more than set for carbs for the rest of the challenge. Fortunately I found out that pitta breads weren’t that expensive, so the damage was limited. I topped them with jam and butter and enjoyed a banana with it (plus a heart of a Danish pastry a coworked didn’t want – Too sweet. And indeed, the jam on the Danish rolls is far sweeter than the jam I had left in my little tub).
Day 30 lunch: Buttered pitta bread with strawberry jam
All this seemed a bit simple, so I wanted to try to cook up something nice for dinner. I used the mince in chick pea con carne on day 29, but there’s more that can be done with mince. Making a burger, for example. That would also get rid of some of the remaining pitta bread. Unfortunately, lettuce is a bit of a problem. I will typically set you back a whole pound. I wasn’t willing to spend that kind of money on vegetables the day before the last. But a jar of sliced beetroot seemed a good idea.
Beetroot works fantastically well in combination with horse radish. Not that I had any, but I did have a condiment with a remotely similar taste – mustard. Typically, I’d have whipped up a mayonnaise, but that too wasn’t going to happen as I planned to use my last egg on the last day. Making a mayonnaise without egg and without some other emulsifying agent wasn’t going to happen. Or was it? The jar of lemon curds I had mentioned egg on the label, didn’t it? I checked, and indeed it did: “Whole dried egg” was mentioned as one of the ingredients on the label. Which meant yolk as well. Would there be enough lecithin in there to keep my dressing together? I decided to try, figuring that the lemon flavour wouldn’t conflict too much with the rest of the ingredients.
I took some mince, mixed it with some very finely chopped onions and salt, and shaped it into a patty. The salt not only flavours the burger; it helps bind it together. Apparently it dissolves and cross-links some of the protein (whatever). While frying up the patty, I added some thinly sliced mushroom for extra flavour.
The result was a very strange burger indeed.
Day 30 supper: Unwanted-carbs burger with beetroot
The lemon/mustard dressing had not set properly. But you know what? It was not bad. It worked. Not my best burger ever, but it saved me the trouble of baking my own buns. Given the circumstances, I’d make it again.
As for the last day… do you really want to know?

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