Another five days then? Okay, OnePoundPerDay is BACK.

27 Apr

Looks like all of a sudden there’s a bit of an “living under the poverty line” buzz going on in the UK.
I found it interesting to see that one of the videos released ran into many of the same products that I’d been having last time: Mixed vegetables, rice, flour, mixed herbs.

Since the current buzz perfectly matches the main topic of this blog – eating for a pound a day – I might as well join in again for the suggested five days. There will be one notable difference: I’m not setting the rules this time.

These are the rules that have been set (

  • From April 29th to May 3rd, you can spend no more than £1 a day on food and drink.
  • This means you have a total of £5 with which to buy all ingredients for your meals.
  • The full cost of all the items you consume must be included in your budget. This means budgeting for whole packages of food such as rice, pasta, noodles and eggs etc.
  • For items such as salt, pepper, herbs and spices, simply work out the cost of each item per ounce and budget your shopping proportionally. Separate your items before the challenge so there’s no need to be digging around in your pantry.
  • One of the easiest ways to partake in the challenge is to share the cost of ingredients amongst a team, as long as no participant spends more than £1 a day or their total £5 budget. Working as a team will allow you to pool together funds and do more with your cooking.
  • You can’t grab a snack from the pantry unless you include the cost of buying the item new in your budget.
  • You can use food sourced from your garden as long as you can account for the price of production!
  • No combination of meals on any given day can exceed the £1 spending limit. Remember this is a challenge to eat creatively – don’t at any point deprive yourself of three meals a day.
  • You cannot accept ‘donated’ food from family or friends, but monetary donations towards your fundraising goals are acceptable, and encouraged!
  • You are allowed to drink tap water – remember you should try and drink at least 6-8 glasses of water each day.

So, compared to the set of rules I set myself last year, the good news is that

– I’ll be able to get all my ingredients at the start of the challenge.
– Also, I don’t need to budget the full price for salt, pepper, spices etc but can do it proportionally to amount used. That means I’ll be able to cook a lot more varied than before.
– And spring has arrived… there are some pretty good foraging opportunities this time of year.

The bad news is that it’s only 5 days. I’ll hardly be able to eat a whole kilo of rice AND a whole bag of flour in that time so teaming up seems crucial. Anyone out there nearby who’s willing to sell me half a kilo of rice at 20p or half a bag of flour at 25p?


Also, I’ll need lots of people reading this blog in the next days, but unfortunately I’ve joined the party a bit late, so I’d appreciate it if you could please spread the word. Thank you!


One Response to “Another five days then? Okay, OnePoundPerDay is BACK.”

  1. ournewlifeinthecountry April 30, 2013 at 11:59 am #

    I’ve added you to the LBTL sidebar on my Blog. Good luck with the five days – for you it should be a doddle, just don’t move house halfway through 🙂

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