End of day 1 – not doing as well as I thought!

29 Apr

With 2.36 spent, my budget looks fine. Also, for all of Monday I’ve quite far away from spending a whole pound.
Yup. I’m doing great. Except for one thing. My total spendings aren’t 2.36… since I’ve also used pantry herbs and spices today.

How many of them?

oxo cube -> 9p
salt -> 1p
vinegar -> 1p
pepper -> 1p
20g oil 14p/100ml -> 3p
7 cardamoms -> 3p
nutmeg -> 3p
cumin, fennel -> 3p
garam masala -> 3p

That’s a whopping 27p, or nearly a whole meal worth. Whoops.
I have spent a shocking 15p on a can of “new potatoes” at ALDI – half the price of the same amout fresh. I’ve had canned potato before, so I’m pretty sure I’m going to regret it. And I’ve also bought a kilo of mixed frozen veg (75p) and a 340g jar of peanut butter. Both are pretty nutrient-dense and the peanut butter has a good protein content- so that’s all necessary carbs, protein and veg for the next four days sorted.

So, time for a status update.

– I have about 0.8 litre of milk left.
– And 1250 grams of flour.
– And 250 grams of swede
– And, in theory, about 400 grams of lentils
– And one and a quarter onion.
– I’ve got one bag of mixed veg
– I’ve got one jar of peanut butter.

Financially, I’ve spent:
2.36 (swede, onions, flour, lentils, milk)
1.37 (peanut butter, mixed frozen veg)
0.15 (canned potato)
0.27 Pantry
Which is, so far, a total of 4 pound, 15p.

Now I just need to keep my pantry costs under control.


One Response to “End of day 1 – not doing as well as I thought!”

  1. TheMadHouse April 30, 2013 at 3:38 pm #

    I think you are doing really well and have been pretty inventive

    You can find my thoughts about +Live Below the Line here



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