Free food, free food everywhere

30 Apr

I don’t feel particularly hungry so far, so nutritionally I mustn’t be doing too terribly. But I do notice that I’m a bit more focused on food than usual.

Specifically free food such as our Monday fruits. Now off-limits.


Or stuff that merely passes for food – Another celebration. Pass. Chocolate bars brought from abroad, that I’d been happily tasting last week – but not now.


An opportunity for free pizza this Wednesday. I’ll be skipping that too.

And no tea. Nor coffee. Nor milk. If someone living in extreme poverty had the chance, I doubt they’d say “no” to all of that.Going for a walk should clear my mind, right?

Wrong. Everywhere I look, I see food. Cow parsley. Daisies. Dandelions. Garlic mustard. Lavender. Nettles. White clover. Wild onion. Goose grass. Ribwort.
I could eat all of these if I had to.

cowparsley daisy dandelion garlicmustard lavender nettles whiteclover wildonion

And there’s more around. Pine trees. Hazelnuts. Blackberry. Sloes. Thistles. Sure, not all of it is in season at the moment. But it’s amazing how much there is.

But enough about food. Let’s talk food.

Breakfast: Pancakes, made just with flour and milk. They were OK, I guess. For lunch, a lentil burger on a bun I baked this morning. It was edible. It was filling. But I’m slowly getting enough of lentils. Great source of protein, though. So for supper, I used the stuff I bought yesterday: My 15p canned potato and a quarter of a bag in frozen mixed vegetables. Roast them in the oven.

2013day02_breakfast 2013day02_lunch 2013day02_supper

I finally emptied the jar of mixed herbs that I bought over a year ago, during my previous pound-a-day challenge. All 0.43 grams of it (I checked with my precision scales) that were left of the initial 18 grams bought at 18p. Since that’s less than 1/2 pence, I’ll be rounding that down. For extra protein, I had a spoon of peanut butter, about 6p worth. All in all, a simple meal – but a tasty one. I don’t really need any more carbs around, but I just might splash out on another 15p can of already peeled, already boiled potato. Worth it.

Breakfast felt like too much food. Supper felt like too much food. I’m eating and eating, but…

Milk 11p
Flour 5p
Lentils 10p
Salt 1p
Pepper 1p
Garam masala 3p
Mixed herbs 0p
Potato 15p
Mixed veg 19p
Peanut butter 6p
Oil 5p

Under budget. Again.

But how much of it is still unaccounted for towards my total budget?

salt 1p
pepper 1p
garam masala 3p
mixed herbs 0p
oil 5p
Previous balance 415p

So, total spent at the moment is at 4.25 pounds.
With only 75p left to spice up my food, I better be careful with which herbs and spices I use, as I’m limited to 25p per day for such ingredients.

By the way… I’d like to thank Mike for his IRL donation, as well as Anonymous (The hacker group? Who knows) for donating 20 pounds today.
The week is far from over though… I’m not even halfway yet. Encourage me, please? All proceeds will go to Action Against Hunger.


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