Start your engines… BARGAINS ARE COMING.

27 Apr

Hello people, welcome to the 2014 (and probably last!) edition of “One Pound Per Day” does “Living Below The Line”!

The cause: The United Nations Children Emergency Fund, UNICEF.
Last year, I raised 255 pounds for Action Against Hunger. This year I’m raising the bar to 500 pounds. I’ll need your help – Spread the word, pretty please and thank you!

To donate this year, please go to my Living Below the Line donation page.

As it happens, the end of my money came early this month, so I’ve been warming up to this thing for a while. It’s just as well. I have just returned from bargain hunting at my local supermarket and am – so far – pleased with the loot!


Now, that certainly looks like it’s enough food for a day. I’ll definitely not go hungry and I *think* I’ve already got breakfast settled for the next 5 days.
Best of all – Let’s all do the maths shall we?

2x discounted Kingsmill Rolls (pack of 6) @ 11p - 22p
Pint milk - 5p
Tub houmous -11p
Roasting veg - 18p
Grand total: 56p
Total budget: 500p
Budget left for this week: 444p

Nutritionally speaking, it’s reasonably balanced too: I’ve got my carbs in the form of rolls, I’ve protein from milk and houmous, and 400 grams worth of roast veg counts as 5 portions of 80 grams – in other words, my 5-a-day is fully covered for tomorrow.

However, there are a few things to watch from a food safety perspective. The roast veg, milk and houmous have a “use by” date of today (that’s Sunday). Meaning, the root veg and houmous have gone straight into the freezer so they keep a bit longer. I’ll certainly be giving the roasting veg a heat treatment. As for the milk, I’m keeping it in the fridge and it will be part of breakfast. It probably won’t go off in the next 8 hours before breakfast, but I won’t be drinking it without first heating it up.

Now to figure out what to cook!


3 Responses to “Start your engines… BARGAINS ARE COMING.”

  1. Sue April 28, 2014 at 11:04 am #

    What can I say …. you jammy git … what wonderful bargains!! Oh yes, and welcome back 😉

  2. Elizabeth Hull April 28, 2014 at 1:54 pm #

    Likewise, welcome back. I much look forward to reading your blog again.

  3. Marcy April 28, 2014 at 2:19 pm #

    I am jealous. You get the best knockdowns over there. I have used food past the sell by date for my whole life and I am going on 63, so I think you are safe–most of the time! Good job.

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