A job well begun is a job half done.

28 Apr

It’s the end of the first day, and things are looking pretty good. I’ve had the usual issues with coffee withdrawal (as expected), but otherwise it was pretty smooth sailing.

For breakfast, I started by opening up my pint of milk and it still seemed plenty fresh – I’ve had dodgier milk without issues, so I didn’t bother boiling it. I toasted one bread bun in a skillet to prepare myself a classic: Toast sandwich.


I headed off to work, making sure to bring my frozen tub of houmous and two more wholegrain rolls, and when lunch time arrived, it was rather predictable:


I did have a bit of houmous left, so I figured I’d keep it cool and have it tomorrow.

For supper, what I had available was roasting veg, more bread rolls and a leftover of milk. While pondering what to do with the roasting veg, I decided to check how much there was of each, in case I wanted to do different things.


As it turns out, there were 150 grams of swede, 127 grams carrot; 86 grams of parsnips and 36 grams of red onion, adding up to a cool 399 grams of veg. There did seem to be a green flake of what looked like spring onion in there too, and rounding errors are possible, so I’ll consider the missing 1 gram of veg accounted for.

I decided to keep things simple and make a one-pan dish. I added the rest of the milk to it for protein and one bread roll to thicken it up and to lightly season the lot. I haven’t looked at this years’ rules yet, but presuming they are the same as last year, I can use products from my pantry as long as I pay for them in proportion; I just didn’t want to go there yet.

The resulting dish was an acceptable plate of grub – certainly not the best I’ve had, but filling and nutritious. I probably ended up around 1500 kcal, which is a bit on the low side so I should probably increase my intake a bit.


Then it was time to stock up for tomorrow. I didn’t find much that was worth bringing, so I only ended up getting a pot of pasta and a kilo of root veg…


… and spent all of 35p. Along with the bread rolls I bought yesterday and the leftover of houmous, that should pretty much keep me going for the coming day. Accounting for everything, this is where we’re standing:

2x discounted Kingsmill Rolls (pack of 6) @ 11p - 22p
Pint milk - 5p
Tub houmous -11p
Roasting veg - 18p
Half kilo carrots - 10p
Half kilo parsnips - 10p
Tub of pasta - 15p
Grand total for the first two days: 91p
Total budget: 500p
Budget left for this week: 409p

Of all the super powers I could have, being a cheap bastard is mine.

While things are pretty much under control in terms of veg and carbs, I should start worrying about protein. With a start as good as this has been, I’m about a pound UNDER budget so far, which should help make the rest of the week smooth sailing, budget-wise.

But let’s not forget this isn’t just about eating on a budget – I’m trying to raise money for UNICEF! If you wish to support me, tell your friends, donate, or both! My gratitude goes out to Steve Morris and the anonymous, French Dude “N” (I have a suspicion) who have donated to the cause. THANK YOU!


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