Things are getting a lot more interesting

29 Apr

Caffeine withdrawal set in proper, and although I rested well last night, I’ve been feeling having headaches and been generally more moody today. And of course, I’ve had to figure out how to turn carrot and parsnips into a nutritious dinner with some major macronutrients missing.

Breakfast and lunch, on the other hand, were probably pretty much what you’d imagine after seeing yesterday’s groceries.

So, I had some toast for breakfast. I don’t eat a lot of bread, so usually I keep any bread I have in the freezer; and for the same reason, I’ve got an economy-class toaster, which doesn’t have a dedicated “frozen” button. Over time, I have carefully tuned it to perfectly toast frozen slices of bread.

Of course, the toast I was about to make was to be made from the last of the first pack of six buns, so it wasn’t frozen, and it turned out a lot blacker than I intended. In old fashioned, frugal style, I scraped off the worst black bits with a knife.


Once I arrived at work, it was soon time for a hobbit-like “second breakfast”. I still had some houmous left, and by slathering it on less generously than yesterday, I managed to leave half for lunch.


Lunch, predictably, was the second bun from the “frozen” pack, topped with the last of the houmous. The pot of pasta claimed to be a pasta salad, but I decided to turn it into a warm meal instead, which worked fine.


Supper was a bit of an issue. With just carrot and parsnip, it’s pretty hard to make something a lot more interesting than carrots with parsnip. Also, I needed to get some protein. I’d been pondering that by having saved over a pound on the first day, I could get a bag of frozen chicken pieces at around £1.60, but I decided for a box of eggs for two reasons: it’d cost less, and eggs can do a few things that chicken can’t – In fact, eggs could potentially turn into chicken, but never the other way around!

All in all, I decided I’d get my groceries before cooking this time. This also meant I could not benefit the best possible price for some groceries – some of them are priced down even further as the night grows older.


Still, the loot was reasonable. I got 2 tubs of potato salad at 11p each (which ultimately would have been priced down to 7p, I was told), a cabbage at 32p – not that great a deal compared to full price – and a box of value eggs, costing me 89p and thus most of the money I saved.


However, this choice allowed me to seriously jazz up supper. More on that later, as we have some paperwork to do:

2x discounted Kingsmill Rolls (pack of 6) @ 11p - 22p
Pint milk - 5p
Tub houmous -11p
Roasting veg - 18p
-- Daily subtotal: 56p
Half kilo carrots - 10p
Half kilo parsnips - 10p
Tub of pasta - 15p
-- Daily subtotal: 35p
2x tub potato salad @11 p - 22p
1x sweetheart cabbage - 32p
1x value eggs (pack of 6) - 89p
-- Daily subtotal: 143p
Shopping total for the first three days: 234p
Total budget: 500p
Budget left for this week: 266p

However, that’s not entirely fair because I caved in – I used a teabag for which I’ll have to charge 4p (it was fairly posh tea). I made sure to add lots of boiling water and let it brew for a long time, so tomorrow I can have a cup of cold tea for free!!
Also, I used a bit of salt, pepper and nutmeg, which might add up to 5p but probably less. So all in all let’s add 9p to my daily bill.

Total spend for the first three days, so far: 244p
Total budget: 500p
Budget left for this week: 257p

And while we’re at it, here’s an overview of what we have in stock right now:

4 kingsmill wholemeal bread rolls (frozen)
1.5 tub potato salad
200g carrot
200g parsnip
5 eggs
1 sweetheart cabbage

Next, I’ll probably have to buy some carbohydrate again. Splendid – carbs are cheap.

So what did I eat? I measured out 200 grams each of carrots and parsnips and steamed them to maintain as much as possible the nutrients in there; I then proceeded to puree the parsnip and carrot with handheld blender. I then whipped in an egg into the carrot, added salt, pepper and nutmeg from the pantry, and put it baking into a small oven dish for a good 30 minutes, essentially turning it into carrot soufflé.


I finally served up the lot on a plate along with half a tub of potato salad.


Now that tasted a lot better than just carrots and parsnips. Maybe partially because I had to wait so long, but it certainly felt like it was worth the wait.

As for raising money for charity, it’s not going very well today. No donations have come in.
But tomorrow is payday at the office – who knows!


One Response to “Things are getting a lot more interesting”

  1. Marcy April 29, 2014 at 11:25 pm #

    A carrot, parsnip souffle, brilliant! I have to try this. Still can’t believe how much they knock off the food there.

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