Prices just went up.

5 May

Prices just went up. Lentils are now £1.10 for 500 grams. Fortunately, two readers suggested a solution:

Turns out, split peas contain nearly as much protein as lentils, are high in iron and retail for just a bit less – so 5 days worth of food can be had at a whopping 225p.

As groceries, it doesn’t look like much either. That’s five days worth of food right there.
Meanwhile, I’m still not sure if I’m going to participate in this thing this year. This is crazy.
Of course I don’t have to stay within 50p per day. One pound per day is still the norm, after all. And it does suddenly seems a pretty reasonable budget.

French clochards probably eat more interesting food than this. In fact I’m pretty sure that at the remaining 275p of the total 5-pound budget, they could rustle up a full-size bottle of pretty dodgy plonk, whereas that sort of budget is reserved only for the very dodgiest of plonk here in the UK.

I don’t think I’ll do it. Then again maybe I will. I might not do anything official. I might just do it “for kicks and giggles”. The Dutch would say, “for bacon and beans”. Hmm… bacon and beans. I’d settle for that. Sounds pretty good in comparison.

So… for now, no promises. Give me some time to think this through. Any suggestions on a 5-day menu will be much appreciated!


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