Groceries – Day 25: Questionable fruit promises

25 Mar

Lately I’ve been getting my groceries mostly on the day that I need them instead of the night before. This means that purchases are slightly less planned and therefore more impulsive, but at the same time can be made to match up better with what I feel like having. For day 25, after breakfast, it was clear to me what that was going to be – fruit. I’d been feeling like it since the morning and took that as a sign that the old body was asking for it.

Groceries day 25: Fruit

Nothing too fancy there: The apple was an apple, the banana was a banana, and there was a supposedly one-of-your-five-a-day fruitbag.

Now, the fruit bag contained exactly four grapes and the rest was melon bits. Nothing wrong with that – I just wonder about the one-of-your-five-a-day claim. All fine as long as the fruit bag provides a total of 80 grams of edible fruit. Sure enough, the fruit bag is supposed to contain 90 grams of fruit, but is 80 grams of that actually edible? Some of the content of the fruit bag is actually tough, inedible melon skin. I haven’t actually checked, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the skin accounts for more than 10 grams of the content of the bag. That is, I won’t go claiming just yet that it’s false advertising, but as this is sold as a convenience product, I’d be happier if all of the content of the bag were actually edible. It makes it so much easier to verify the claims being made. For now I’ll just consider the promise of the fruit bag providing one of the five-a-day to be “questionable” – because that’s exactly what it is.

Notice, by the way, that both the banana and apple in the picture above, which each cost roughly the same as the (discounted!) fruit bag, *do* each provide the one-of-the-five-a-day, despite no promises being made and without unnecessary packaging. At over four times the price, 50p for an undiscounted fruit bag, which might not even live up to the promise made, seems a bit steep in comparison.

I just thought I’d point it out. Feel free to ignore my rambling.

As for the budget summary, that looks as follows right now:

Budget available for day 25: £ 3.23
Budget used: £ 0.42
Budget left: £ 2.81
Budget available for day 26: £ 3.81

Almost 4 pounds available – It’s starting to look a lot like a party’s coming up!


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